Construction Trauma

The processes involved with construction can be devastating to the surrounding trees if no measures have been taken to protect them. The visible injuries such as broken branches and wounds to the tree trunks are only the beginning. It is the damage to the root systems that often result in tree loss.

In an ideal situation, an arborist is called in to consult in the planning stages of construction. Trees can be preserved if the appropriate measures are taken soon enough. Unfortunately it is usually when the first signs of decline appear that help is sought.

There are some remedial treatments that may save some construction-damaged trees, but immediate implementation is critical. If you have trees that have been affected by recent construction, consult our professional arborist promptly. We can assess each tree for viability and potential hazards, and recommend treatments.

Elwood’s offers pre construction consulting for tree protection zones, post construction consulting, hazardous tree removal, shrub removals, brush chipping, cabling and bracing, stump grinding, emergency service, view clearing and recommendations for selecting the right tree for the right place.