Tree Pruning

Nothing looks good when it’s poorly groomed, which is a good reason to take care of your trees. If neglected, they could make your entire yard look rather shabby.

But there are other reasons as well. Besides, making your home look better, your trees provide the cool comfort of shade. They filter the sun’s rays. They muffle noise. And they act as a wind break.

It’s important to make sure your trees stay healthy. To do things like fertilizing them regularly, pruning them and controlling the pests that can affect them.

So be nice to your trees. You’ll find that, in return, they’ll be nice to you. And they’ll look good, too.

Elwood’s has been on a “crusade” educating the general public that “topping” is not proper tree pruning. This is not uncommon, it happens everywhere. Proper pruning should follow the 1/3 rules:

  • Never remove more than 1/3 of the tree’s crown. For most species, the tree should have a single trunk.
  • Main branches should be at least 1/3 smaller than the diameter of the trunk.

The appearance of a properly pruned tree is like a good haircut; hardly noticeable at first glance.

Never “top” a tree by cutting its main branches back to stubs. This is one of the worst things you can do for the health of a tree.

Elwood’s offers pruning and shaping of shade and ornamental trees and shrubs, brush chipping, fruit tree pruning and view clearing.